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General Questions

  1. I bought an Oldenburg (ISR) horse, what should I do now?

    Please, go to the section Services/Forms and read the instruction and send in the transfer form.

  2. What is the difference between registration and approval?

    Foals are being REGISTERED in the year they are born or as yearlings. Foals are being scored with three notes.
    They can be awarded premium and high score foals at the inspection.
    A foal is only allowed to be registered with ONE registry. This registry determines the BREED of a foal.

    At the age of three fillies should be represented for mare book APPROVAL. The mare book entry depends on the score the mare gets at the inspection and on the papers she has. Mares may be approved by various registries.

  3. What is the difference between ISR and Oldenburg N.A.?

    Oldenburg N.A. maintains two mare books: The Premium Mare book and the Main Mare book.
    ISR uses the same mare books and in addition maintains the Mare book and the Pre Mare book for mares of good sport horse type and good movements, but without sufficient pedigree information or registration documents. Foals of Mare book and Pre Mare book mares will be registered ISR.
    ISR horses are also eligible for the ISR-Oldenburg N.A. USDF awards.

  4. Eligibility

    If you cannot find an answer reg. the eligibility of your horse in the sections Mares/Foals/Stallions, let us know the following details:

    • Age and sex of your horse
    • Does your horse have any registration paper?
    • Which registry issued this registration paper?
    • Do you have a copy of the sire's and dam's registration paper and a letter of parentage verification?
    • If your horse does not have any registration paper, what other pedigree information do you have?
    • Let us know the bloodlines.
  5. I want to register a foal, what do I need to do?

    You need to present your foal at one of the annual mare and foal inspections (see INSPECTIONS-Tour Schedule). Before you go, please enroll with the inspection host listed on the inspection tour schedule (forms may be retrieved from the website).

    If the foal's dam has not been entered into one of our mare books yet, she must be presented for mare book entry at the same time. Please make sure that the sire is licensed for ISR-Oldenburg N.A. (check the list of Approved Stallions on this website). If you can't identify the sire in the list you may check his eligibility with us by email (pls. provide name and owner information).

    Please read the section FOALS-Inspection for more details about the presentation and scoring of the foals and the related paperwork. Do not forget to bring the original breeding certificate (which you should have received from the stallion owner) to the inspection!

    Foals (and yearlings) will be branded at the inspection. For yearlings and older horses we require a "letter of parent verification (LOPV)" which means that they as well as their dam must be DNA typed. Please, start this procedure early in the year, since you need to bring a proof of the LOPV to the inspection! DNA forms may be retrieved from our website, too.

    If you will register a filly you may present it again at the age of 3 for mare book approval. Please, read the section MARES-Inspection for more details.

    All ISR-Oldenburg N.A. registered horses are eligible for all AWARDS listed on our website.

  6. Are registration paper/pedigree of a registry of sire and dam enough documentation for a mare being presented for mare book?

    Yes, if papers (issued by an approved registry) show at least 3 generations of pedigree and mare owner provides proof of parentage (letter of parentage verification done by DNA typing)

  7. Are the numbers of foals from a breeding year published?

    Yes, all foals are published in the annual Breeders Journal. All three scores as well as the final points, the dam's breed and sire are also listed. You also find a statistic of scores of all foals of each approved stallion in the Member Section online.

  8. Can a colt from a Pre Mare book mare be eligible for stallion approval?

    No, if the dam is in the Pre Mare book due to a not verified or incomplete pedigree or due to not approved bloodlines.
    Yes, if the dam is in the Pre Mare book due to an unsufficient score.

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Naming Foals

  1. Are there rules regarding the naming of foals?

    No, there are no strict rules. It is recommended to choose a name that starts with the first letter of the sire's name.

  2. Why isn't the name of my foal on the registration paper (only on older papers)?

    The name of your foal is in all files and in the database of the Registry. Since many foals are being named, then sold and the new owners want to rename the foal, the names are not printed on the registration paper. Once a horse gets approved for a mare book or as a breeding stallion the name will be printed on the certificate which will be issued for mares or stallions. From then on the name cannot get changed anymore.

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  1. Can paperwork be submitted via email, if I pay with credit card?

    Yes, you may fax or email the transfer of ownership (plus required paperwork) or DNA form and submit your credit card information.

    No, if you want to register via mail. The Registry requires all foals and mares to be presented at an inspection, since we want to see all stallions' offspring in order to prove our breeding goals and improve our standards. Detailed scores of foals are published in each Breeders Journal.

    In very few cases, if there is no inspection site in a reasonable distance papers are being issued via mail.

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  1. Is there a height requirement for mares?

    There is no height requirement in terms of centimeters. If mares are of the sport horse type and show suffient movement they qualify even if they are small. Arab mares are fully eligible.
    Mares of 14.2 h and smaller may qualify for the ISR Sport Pony mare books, if they fulfill all other requirements (reg. registration and paperwork).

  2. Is there a minimum height for stallions?

    Not really, but stallions of 16.1h and smaller would have to be of superior quality to get approved, because the breeding goal focuses on 16.2 - 17.0 h.

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Premium Status

  1. If foals are being presented without dam by side, will these foals also get scored and rated premium?

    Yes, if these foals are being presented in the year they are born.
    No, if these foals are being presented as yearlings or older.

  2. Are foals of Pre Mare book mares eligible for Premium status and High Score awards?

    Yes, foals of mares of all mare books are eligible for either award, since these awards only depend on the quality of the foal.

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  1. Will mares be branded at the inspection?

    No, mares are not being branded.

  2. Will foals be branded at the inspection?

    All Oldenburg N.A. registered foals will be branded. Oldenburg N.A. registration and branding is only possible until the age of 2. ISR registered foals can be branded but it is not mandatory. They may also be branded at the age of 3 or older.

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  1. Will the foal of an ISR-OLDENBURG N.A. Main Mare Book mare and a Pony Stallion of the Approved Stallion list be registered as a Pony?

    Yes, this foal will be registered in the ISR Pony Section.

  2. Will a foal out of a Pony mare that is in one of the ISR Sport Pony mare books and by an approved ISR-OLD N.A. Warmblood stallion be registered as a pony?

    Yes, this foal will be registered as an ISR Sport pony.

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