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High Score Awards
Mares: Requirements + Results Foals: Requirements + Results

Requirements for High Score Foals

  1. High Score Awards will be given to the highest scoring (according to ISR's point scoring system for foals) filly and colt at each official inspection site.
    A minimum final score of 8.0 for all three criteria (premium status) is required to qualify for the High Score Award.
    If there are four premium fillies or more presented at one site, there will be a reserve champion award for the second highest score for this group.

    1. Up to 3 premium fillies at one site: one High Score Foal Award (Champion) for fillies
      Up to 3 premium colts at one site: one High Score Foal Award (Champion) for colts
      4 premium fillies and more at one site: two High Score Foal Awards (Champion and Res. Champion) for fillies
      4 premium colts and more at one site: two High Score Foal Awards (Champion and Res. Champion) for colts

    From 2001 on the judges have used decimal scores for the three individual scores for foals: 7.5 - 7.6 - 7.7 - 7.8 ...

    At the end all foals received one final score with one decimal (e.g. 7.9 , 8.4, 8.7...) providing a more differentiated evaluation than the years before.

    The below listed foals were the highest scoring foals at the listed inspection sites. All foals received nice ribbons and plaques. The number of awarded foals depends on the number of colts/fillies that are being presented at each site. All High Score Foals are premium foals. There are a lot more premium foals at each site, they are listed under Premium Foal Awards

    Foals receive the following scores:

    • conf Conformation and Correctness
      move Athletic ability and Quality of movements
      over Type and Overall impression as related to age
      total Final score
      sex f:filly | c:colt


High Score Foals of the 2022 Inspection Tours

  1. plsexsiredambreeder conf moovto
    Allforit Farm
    1cArt Deco*SoliloquySabine Bibb, VA8.
    1fStormy River DZRadioja in ParisCaroline Collomb, VA8.
    Black Star Sport Horses
    1cCavallo Star*Rainy SeasonJ. & L. Blackmon, TX8.
    1fCavallo Star*Vivaldi's MagicBrandon Clinton, TX8.
    Cook's Choice Farm LLC
    1fFortunato H2OGNF Crescendo*/-/*Gabrielle I. Cottone, MD8.
    Flight of Fancy Farm
    1cSarkozyRadiant*/-/*ELITENatalie Prentice, WI8.
    Flying Change PHP
    1cEverdaleQuinn 57*N. Hansen & G. Zambor, FL8.
    1fQuito De Tango ZThief in StyleLeanne Krick, PA8.
    Fox Hill Farm & K9 LLC
    1cPixarWPF Special EditionBrigitte Deitz, MA8.
    1fPixarVia IcewaterAmanda Tourtellot, CT8.
    Hilltop Farm, Inc.
    1cWaheed Al Azhaar RZPassion*/-/*Angela White, PA8.
    1fFox Creeks CensationalWinslette*Lesley Feakins, PA8.
    Kastel Coz Sport Horses
    1cGaudiCascade-/-/*Irena G. Coz, CA8.188.18.1
    Last Laugh Farm
    1fCherubs CasanovaRubenesqueAdrienne Koegel, VA8.
    Maggie's Menagerie
    1cCedarClotho MMMaggie Sjobery, GA8.
    Maple Swamp Farm
    1cGlamourdaleRosarianna P*Inna Horuzhik, KY8.
    1fReconnaissanceSweet Southern FrillsEla Ladwig, KY8.
    Meadow Brook Farm
    1fWradarC'est Si Bon MBF*H. & M. Schrant, IL8.
    Melanie Boucher
    1cAlianoCame's Supreme IllusionI. Messier & P. Caza, QC8.
    1fZhivagoFloristern FMB*/-/-Isabelle Messier, QC8.
    Millbrook Farms
    1cFidertanzArcadia PAKeystone Equestrian, UT8.
    1fQuaterbackKlassique-/*/-G. & J. Lawrence, UT8.
    Newtown Farm
    1fQredit*Ruby TuesdayTerry W. Droske, TX8.
    1cSir VariDeFareeD. McKeown Farms, ON8.
    1fSir VariLady GodivaD. McKeown Farms, ON8.
    Olde Oaks Farm, Inc.
    1cChicardoDue TimeKarolina Vieser, TX8.
    Paradigm Sporthorse
    1fD'AvieDona Flor*/*/-Margaret Clark, WA8.
    RCR Farms
    1cMorricone IRiessaKimberly Pribble, AZ8.
    Rising Star Equestrian
    1cOsiris of the NileBellatrixRising Star Equestrian, CA8.
    SE Farm, Inc.
    1fImothepLakaAnn Lauzon, OR8.
    Starr Vaughn Equestrian, Inc.
    1cWild DanceRegardless SMHSusie Skellenger, CA8.
    1fFranklinDynamicaChristiane Noelting, CA8.
    Universal Performance Horses
    1cHeroic Times*Capere GoldCarly Hurrell, FL8.
    1fFinestRoulette-/*/*Richard Matthews, FL8.
    Vanessa Scheiner
    1cRubinero*Symphony*Angela Carter, OH8.08.08..8.0
    Winn Farms
    1cGaudiBSH Set TheworldafireCara Barker Yellott, MI8.
    1fZonyxSMD Mi PandoraKendall C. Snyder, OH8.
    Woodloch Stable
    1fChin ChampWL Finlandia*Ingvill H. Ramberg, MN8.

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