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High Score Awards
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Requirements for High Score Mares

  1. Special awards are given to six Premium Mares from each region. The mares must be presented at one of the official inspections of that year. There is a Champion and a Reserve-Champion Mare for each of the five regions as well as ribbons for placings three through six.

    For the High Score Award Program for Premium Mares North America has been divided into five regions:

    • West Coast
    • Central
    • Midwest
    • East Coast
    • Canada
    For mares with the same score (points) the subscores for 1.conformation, 2.breed and mare type and 3. movements (walk and swing/elasticity) will be used as tiebreaker.
    There is no fee to participate. Results will - by nature of this competition - not be known before all official inspections in the particular area are over.

High Score Mares of 2020

  1. The below listed mares scored highest in the listed regions. They received Champion, Reserve Champion and 3rd - 6th place ribbons. Blue printed sires are active approved stallions or have been approved by ISR/OLD NA. Red printed mares are linked with a photo.

    (Total score for quality of conformation has been used to determine the ranking, if the final scores were identical.)

    1. Central
      1107.0p Rhoyal Fiere*OLDB, 2017, by Fiorano out of Rhoyal Riviera-/*/- by Riverman*
      Owner/Breeder: Kathy Mueller, Hastings, MN
      2107.0p Anastasia*WEST, 2017, by Apiro out of Safari TF by Unkenruf
      Owner: Brenda May, Dr., Columbia, TN
      Breeder: Leanne Krick, Flying Change PHP, PA
      3105.5p Diamonds Are Forever*HAN, 2015, by Danciano out of La Bonita* by Londonderry
      Owner: Rebecca Kurtzweil, Lavalle, WI
      Breeder: not recorded
      4105.0p Ferdita*WPN, 2010, by Chello III VDL out of Ardita by Argentinus
      Owner: Melissa A. Hirt, Maple City, MI
      Breeder: not recorded
      5105.0p Britania GVF*OLDB, 2017, by Benetton Dream out of Call Me Cara by Believe the Queen
      Owner/Breeder: Rebecca Lewison, Barneveld, WI
      East Coast
      1108.5p Paramour*OLDB, 2017, by Popeye K out of Ryka by Regazzoni
      Owner: Elizabeth Capor, Haymarket, VA
      Breeder: Elisha Massong, ON
      1108.5p Qandlelight KS*OLDB, 2016, by Qredit* out of Dalliance* by Davignport
      Owner/Breeder: Lindsay Cooper, Boyd, TX
      West Coast
      1108.0p Ruza*OLDB, 2016, by Rubignon out of Kalina by Laitin
      Owner: Edgar Schutte, Yuba City, CA
      Breeder: Crystal Toogood, CA
      2105.5p Penache*OLDB, 2012, by Freestyle* out of Chablis* by Lynx
      Owner: Sandy Campbell, Lincoln, CA
      Breeder: Lisa Volk, CA
      3105.0p Ravenna N*OLDB, 2012, by Rubino Bellissimo out of Dynamica by Donnerschlag
      Owner/Breeder: Christiane Noelting, Vacaville, CA
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