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Schoeneslicht KC, 2016
by Sternlicht GGF* out of Cascade

Irena G. Coz, CA

Schoeneslicht KC, 2016
Passed the Mare Performance Test at the Kastel Coz Sport Horses inspection in 2020

Sea Lioness, 2016
by Sea Lion* out of Princess Kabbalah

Owner: Pam Fisher, CA
Breeder: P. Fisher & E. Koeppel

Sea Lioness, 2016
2020: FEH-4 West Coast National Championship, 1st place

Show Boat, 2011
by Hit Parade SFS out of Belize*/-/*

Owner: Cynthia Acker, PA
Breeder: Sheila M. O'Keefe, WV
Rider: Julia Mendoza 17

Show Boat, 2011
2020: ISR/OLD N.A. USDF All Breed Awards
- Open, Fourth Level, 2nd place, 61.053 %
- Adult Amateur, Fourth Level, 1st place, 61.053%, photo: Pics of You

Show Girl, 2012
by Sir Flemmingh out of That Girl*

Owner: Patricia & Richard Combs, IL
Breeder: Ken Borden, Jr., IL
Rider: Patty Combs

Show Girl, 2012
2020: ISR/OLD N.A. USDF All Breed Awards
- Open, First Level, 1st place, 68.966%
- Open, Second Level, 1st place, 66.081%
- Adult Amateur, First Level, 1st place, 68.793%
- Adult Amateur, Second Level, 1st place, 64.933%, rider: Patty Combs, photo: Franke Photo Design, LLC

Utah Beach, 2019
by Ulmar Mail out of Avalon*/*/-

Owner: Monica Fiss, MD
Breeder: Elizabeth Callahan, MD

Utah Beach, 2019
Champion Yearling and high score of the entire Future Event Horse East Coast Championships with a score of 87.15. He was inspection site Champion last year at the Hilltop inspection. Utah Beach was also the recipient of The Maryland Horse Industry Board Maryland-Bred Award. Photo credit: Jessica Duffy

Winterfair, 2007
by Winterprinz out of Meriah

Owner: Andrea R. Hart, TX
Breeder: A. Whitfield Watkins, TX
Rider: Andrea R.Hart

Winterfair, 2007
2020: USDF All Breed Award for Open, Prix St Georges, 3rd place, 60.618%, photo: MoonFrye Photography

WL Bon Bellini*/-/*, 2014
by Bon Balou out of WL Bourbon Street

Ingvill Ramberg, MN

WL Bon Bellini*/-/*, 2014
2020: ISR/OLD N.A. USDF All Breed Awards
- Junior/Young Rider, Training Level, 1st place, 68.836%
- Open, Training Level, 1st place, 68.836%
2020: ISR Oldenburg NA Mare Performance Test, 78.30 points
2020: Southern Pines Horse Trials I, Beginner Novice, 2nd place
2020: Dressage at Alpine I:
- Training Level, Test 3, 2nd place, 69.31%
- Training Level, Test 3, 1st place, 69.22%
2020: Dressage at Alpine II, Training Level, Test 3, 1st place, 71.38%
2020: Dressage at Alpine III, 2nd place, 66.38%
2020: Otter Creek Dressage Fest I, Training Level, Test 3, 1st place,68.10%
2020: Otter Creek Drerssage Fest II, Trainig Level, Test 3, 1st place, 70.35%
2020: Otter Creek Summer Horse Trials, Novice Rider, 3rd place, photo: Alisa Farland
Passed the Mare Performance Test at the Woodloch Stable inspection in 2020

Wranger, 2001
by Wradar out of Pilar

Owner: Erin Boltik, MN
Breeder: D. Davenport DVM, OK
Rider: Heather Salden Kurtz

Wranger, 2001
2020: ISR/OLD N.A. USDF All Breed Awards
- Musical Freestyle, Grand Prix, 1st place, 64.913%

Zahnya, 2007
by Glorioso Noir out of Zejaluna

Owner: Lisa Clements, SC
Breeder: L. & J. Dworkin, FL

Zahnya, 2007
2020: ISR Oldenburg N. A. USDF All Breeds Award, DSHB 4 Year Old and Older Broodmares, 1st place
2020: USDF Horse of the Year, DSHB 4 Year Old and Older Broodmares, Champion
2020: USEF Silver Stirrup, DSHB Mature Horse, Reserve Champion
2020: USEF Zone 4 Silver Stirrup, DSHB Mature Horse, Champion
2020: Made in the Shade Dresage Show:
- Broodmare Class, 1st place
- Champion Mare
- Champion Mature Horse
- Grand Champion of the Show, 3rd place'- ISR Oldenburg N. A. IBC, 2nd place
2020: Labor of Love & East Coast Championships:
- Broodmare Class, 1st place both Saturday & Sunday
- Champion Mare both Saturday & Sunday
- Mare Championships, Saturday, 3rd place
- Amatuer Handler Class Saturday, 2nd place
- USDFBC East Coast Finals, 5th place
- Champion Mature Horse, Sunday
- Amatuer Handler Class, Sunday, 1st place
- Grand Champion of the Day, Sunday, 3rd place, photo: High Time Photography

Absolute, 2020
by Apiro out of Prisma 33

Abby Jeter, TX

Absolute, 2020
High Score Champion colt at the Olde Oaks Farm, Inc.inspection in 2020, photo: Victoria Hunton

Aretha, 2020
by Araldik out of Rhyannon

Owner: Margaret Clark, WA
Breeder: Maggi Clark, WA

Aretha, 2020
High Score Champion filly at the Tower Lane Farm inspection in 2020, photo: Liz Johnson

Aur Luminance, 2020
by Encandescent out of Bint Aurieana

Owner: James or Emily Bush, CA
Breeder: James & Emily Bush, CA

Aur Luminance, 2020
High Score Champion filly at the Starr Vaughn Equestrian, Inc. inspection in 2020, photo: Emily Bush

Bachlorette, 2020
by Bliss MF out of Essence

Owner: Loren Jeffery, AZ
Breeder: R. Coates & L. Jeffery, A

Bachlorette, 2020
High Score Champion filly at the Dale Creek Equestrian Village inspection in 2020

BW-Sir Samuel, 2020
by Sir Sinclair out of BW-Raina*/-/*

Linda D. Santomenna, MD

BW-Sir Samuel, 2020
Registered by mail, awarded Premium colt via video in 2020
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