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Premium Awards
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Requirements for Premium Awards for Mares

  1. Mares are eligible for the Premium Mare Book, if they have an overall score of not less than 105 points and no individual score less than 6.0 points and fulfill the pedigree requirements of the Main Mare Book.

    These 11 mares have been entered into the PREMIUM MARE BOOK. All of these mares have been awarded with a premium plaque. 5 mares are Oldenburg NA or ISR registered. Blue marked sires are or had been approved by ISR/Oldenburg NA. Red marked mares are linked with a photo.

Premium Mares of 2021

  1. Bijou*OLDB, 2011, by Bugatti Hilltop* out of Whitney by Weltstern*
    Owner: Lisa M. Boytim, Acme, PA
    Breeder: Lisa Boytim, PA
    Blessing TS*OLDB, 2011, by Bugatti Hilltop* out of Isabeau* by Ideal*
    Owner: Gretchen Rademacher, Spencerville, IN
    Breeder: Gretchen Rademacher, WA
    Delfina I*CSHA, 2009, by Dacaprio out of Graffina by Waltmar
    Owner: Brigitte Deitz, Amesbury, MA
    Breeder: not recorded
    Diarazza*HAN, 2012, by Diarado out of Pauleah* by Paparazzo*
    Owner: Sarah Templin, Ortonville, MI
    Breeder: not recorded
    Izadora*OLDB, 2018, by Asgard's Ibiza out of Darling H by Danone I
    Owner: Sarah Hauptman, Maplewood, MN
    Breeder: Eowyn Brewer, WI
    Lady Avalein*OLDB, 2017, by Negro out of Rehlein* by Raymeister*
    Owner: Stonegate Equestrian Center, LLC, Hazelhurst, WI
    Breeder: Stonegate Equ. Center, WI
    Paloma HTF*HAN, 2017, by Pikko Del Cerro HU* out of Raja HTF* by Royal Prince*
    Owner: Hilltop Farm, Inc., Colora, MD
    Breeder: not recorded
    Quinntessential*OLDB, 2012, by Qredit* out of Day O May by Riverman*
    Owner: Emily Allen, Woodstown, NJ
    Breeder: Emily Allen, NJ
    Roseinthe Thicket*xx, 2014, by Rockport Harbor out of Thicket by Successful Appeal
    Owner: Alayna Pastuck, Dillsburg, PA
    Breeder: not recorded
    Welt's Wisteria*HAN, 2000, by Welt Klasse out of Sashay by Saloniki
    Owner: Gabrielle Irene Cottone, Union Bridge, MD
    Breeder: not recorded
    Whimsical HTF*HAN, 2018, by Widmark* out of Chiquita HTF by Contucci*
    Owner: Hilltop Farm, Inc., Colora, MD
    Breeder: not recorded

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