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Premium Awards
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Requirements for Premium Awards for Mares

  1. Mares are eligible for the Premium Mare Book, if they have an overall score of not less than 105 points and no individual score less than 6.0 points and fulfill the pedigree requirements of the Main Mare Book.

    These 7 mares have been entered into the PREMIUM MARE BOOK. All of these mares have been awarded with a premium plaque. 6 mares are Oldenburg NA or ISR registered. Blue marked sires are or had been approved by ISR/Oldenburg NA. Red marked mares are linked with a photo.

Premium Mares of 2017

  1. Cascade*OLDB, 2010, by Riverman* out of Hobby* by Argus
    Owner: Irena G. Coz, Ramona, CA
    Breeder: Irena G. Coz, CA
    Cascata KC*OLDB, 2014, by Contucci* out of Cascade-/-/* by Riverman*
    Owner: Irena G. Coz, Ramona, CA
    Breeder: Irena G. Coz, CA
    Estrella*OLDB, 2011, by Escudo II out of Phoebe* by Pablo
    Owner: Tara Frye, Blountville, TN
    Breeder: Tara Frye, TN
    Heather*OLDB, 2014, by Balanchine* out of Hermione -/*/- by Coeur de Lion
    Owner: Rebecca Speer, Wimberley, TX
    Breeder: G. & B. Newtown, LA
    Let it Shine*OLDB, 2011, by Alesi/Shine out of Ginna* by Grannox
    Owner: Victoria Hunton, Thompsons, TX
    Breeder: Victoria Hunton, TX
    Octavia*BWP, 2014, by Apiro out of First Tri by Tricolore
    Owner: Elizabeth Capor, Haymarket, VA
    Breeder: Elisha Massong, ON
    Zigami*OLDB, 2011, by Zack out of Flogami by Florestan I
    Owner/Breeder: Laurie Lowrey, Shingle Springs, CA

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