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  1. Stallion Test - History

    The Stallion Performance Test is an essential step in the approval process of a stallion. Developed more than half a century ago, this standard test had significant influence on the improvement of the quality of stallions in Europe, especially in Germany. This was the reason for the Registry to establish the 100-Day Test in North America in 1986. It has helped to select the best stallions for our breeding program and gave breeders a lot of information about the stallions.

    After more than 20 years the ISR-Oldenburg Registry North America has made another step forward in 2009 and has restructured the format of its Stallion Performance Testing. Although the 100-Day Test was the standard format in the past, the ISR-Oldenburg Registry has already offered the Short Test (30 days) as an alternative format since more than 10 years. It was developed for owners that wanted to train and show their stallions under their regular rider. What started in 1996 became a successful alternative.

    Since more and more stallions compete in their disciplines it became a hardship for many owners to take them out of their performance career for 100 days for the stallion performance test. Although the Short Test offered kind of an alternative, we felt that time had come to revise the testing completely – using all the experience from eleven tests in the US and the testing experiences from Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands.

  2. Advanced Stallion Test

    Consequently the Registry has developed a new stallion testing format which became effective in 2009. This new format is a modified version of the Stallion Performance Short Test but goes beyond since it requires that stallions are shown in one discipline (Dressage, Jumping or Hunter) at the competitive level of their age. This will give breeders more information about the performance ability of a stallion in its major discipline. While the 100-Day Test asked the same performance from all stallions, the new test will – in addition – ask for specific performance ability in one discipline.

    The new testing format does not include a Registry conducted training period for the stallions prior to the actual test. The training is completely in the hands of the individual owner and trainer.

    The new test requires the stallion to perform in various tests at the final three days of the 10 Day testing. Stallions that have received a Certified Breeding License are required to undergo this test within two years of the initial approval at the age of four, five or six years. Older stallions, inspected at an age of six years and above, can be tested as well and are required to perform in one discipline at a level appropiate to their age.

    The new Stallion Performance Test requires the stallions to perform a Basic Test which is very similar to the known final test of the 100-Day Test (with the exception of a cross country course).

    The Basic Test is then followed by a Special Discipline Test (Dressage, Jumping or Hunter) of the owner's decision. The results from both parts count for the final results of the new Stallion Performance Test.

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Stallions in the last Advanced Stallion Tests


    Bay Trakehner stallion, 2010
    Perechlest out of Flamenca III* by Cornus
    Breeder: Dr. Renate Wernke-Schmiesing, GER
    Owner: Holders Hill, Margret MacGregor
    Auburn, IL


    Bay International Sporthorse Pony stallion, 2009
    Forrest Flame* out of PoplarMeadowsShiloh by Kelly Acres Tinsel
    Breeder: Suzanne Edwards, MT
    Owner: Suzanne Edwards
    Bozeman, MT


    Bay Dutch stallion, 2010
    Jodokus out of Oloma* by Ahorn
    Breeder: G. VD Zwaag, Netherlands
    Owner: Daniel E. Riccardi
    Siler City, NC


    Chestnut, Oldenburg stallion, 2009
    Opus* out of Windspiel by Weltmeyer
    Breeder: Ken Borden, Jr., IL
    Owner: Ken Borden, Jr.
    Wilmington, IL


    Bay, Oldenburg stallion, 2010
    Raymeister out of Tashka* by Opus*
    Breeder: Ken Borden, Jr., IL
    Owner: Ken Borden, Jr.
    Wilmington, IL


    Bay Oldenburg stallion, 2010
    Rosall* out of Atlanta by Aktion
    Breeder: Wendy Costello, MD
    Owner: Steve English, AR
    Little Rock, AR


    Black pinto tobiano Oldenburg NA stallion, 2013
    Sempatico M out of She's Predictable by Unpredictable
    Breeder: Judy Schwartz, Spring Hill, TN
    Owner: Spirit Horse Stables, Judy Schwartz
    Spring Hill, TN


    Bay Selle Francais stallion, 2006
    Frontal out of Galledent (US) by Galoubet A
    Breeder: Celine Garceau-Clancy, IL
    Owner: Celine Garceau-Clancy
    Big Rock, IL

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The stallions are listed in alphabetical order. All stallions received their Lifetime Breeding License.
Required minimum score for warmblood stallions: 80.00 points.
Required minimum result for Pony stallions: 65%.


  1. Results of the past Advanced Stallion Testings

# Stallion Total Index
10-Day Test
01. Feiner Prinz / Dressage 117.23
02. Forrest Prince* / Jumping (Pony) 81.42
03. Franklin Loma / Jumping 97.86
04. Ovation / Dressage 103.97
05. Rashka II / Dressage 107.45
06. Royal English Kis / Dressage 99.53
07. Salute Z / Dressage 104.73
08. Sovereign / Jumping 120.65





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