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2020 Tour Schedule and COVID-19 changes 06/17/20
Changes for 2020 Tour Schedule
New date:

Aug. 9th, 2020, Sun. at Meadow Brook Farm, IL
Aug. 23rd, 2020, Sun. at Flight of Fancy Farm, WI
Aug. 29th, 2020, Sat. at Tower Lane Farm, WA
Aug. 30th, 2020, Sun. at Echo Glen Farms, OR

Sept. 4th, 2020, Fri. at Northern Pines, MI
Sept. 19th, 2020, Sat. at Rainbow Equus Meadows, CA
Sept. 19th, 2020, Sat. at Woodland Stallion Station, CA
Sept. 20th, 2020, Sun. at Pepper Creek Equine Center, CA

Oct. 1st, 2020, Thu. at Black Star Sport Horses, TX
Oct. 2nd, 2020, Fri. at Spirit Horse Stables, TN
Oct. 3rd, 2020, Sat. at Dale Creek Equestrian Village, AZ
Oct. 4th, 2020, Sun. at Starr Vaughn Equestrian, Inc., CA

Cancelled: Send email to isreg@aol.com for forms to register by mail.

July 31st, 2020, Fri. at Hilltop Farm, Inc., MD
Aug. 1st, 2020, Sat. at Ilona S. English, NJ
Aug. 22nd, 2020, Sat. at Story County Fairgrounds, IA
Sept. 4th, 2020, Fri. at Camelot Stables, BC