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  1. Ilona S. English [NJ]
    Ilona S. English, owner, breeder
    9 Runyon Mill Rd.
    PH (908) 806-0615 or (800) 549 2813 FX (908) 806 0661
    Quality Sporthorses and Sportponies for any discipline. Main Mare Book and Premium Mare book mares (OLDNA) and States Premium and Elite pony mares (Westfalen & ISR) bred to approved OLD/NA Stallions: ISR Sportpony stallions and our Westfalen German Riding Pony
    Our Motto: "Breeding...Competition Partners & Lifelong Friends."
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HORSES for Sale from our Members

  1. Please don't forget the transfer of ownership.

    Photo Op- Old NA 2017 filly (Prototype X A Little Romancze/AllaCzar)

    Beautiful, scopey, athletic jumper prospect. "Giselle" qualified for YHS Finals as a yearling and a filly with high marks for conformation, scope, hind end, willingness and overall impression. She is sweet, smart and talented. Will make the perfect prospect for a pro on a budget or an ammy looking to develop their dream horse from scratch! $20k Contact Valerie Wunder: 443-486-8441 or

    DUTCH MARE; Imported, Oldenburg approved. "Main Mare Book". Has had 1 foal in Holland, and last year 1 premium foal here in the U.S.

    16.2 hds. chest. 20 yrs. young. Out of top Grand Prix jumper blood lines in Holland. Has been top show jumper (4ft. 6" "speed" horse) 2nd
    level dressage school horse and novice level event horse. Still sound and still able to be bred for another foal.

    FREE to good home. Located in So.Cal. 951-760-0536

    PREMIUM brood mare. 17.2 hds. has had 3 exceptional foals. Her 4 yr old filly also scored "premium" status. Has been used as a show jumping school horse, CA $6,500 951-760-0536
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  1. HORSE-Ads: Horses must be registered or approved ISR/Oldenburg NA.
    Owners must be owner of record and must be active members
    1. Ads without photo:
      • send in the text (max. of 240 characters per ad) plus a check of US$20.00
      • more than 240 characters: US$40.00
    2. Ads with photo:
      • if submitted per email (photo must be in JPG-format): additional US$20.00
      • if submitted via mail (photo scan done by ISR): additional US$30.00
  2. FARM-Ads: Farm owners must be active members.

  3. PAYMENT: Either send a check with the ad to the office or submit the ad via email attachment and call with your credit card. Please, contact the office for details.
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