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Premium Awards
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Requirements for Premium Awards for Mares

  1. Mares are eligible for the Premium Mare Book, if they have an overall score of not less than 105 points and no individual score less than 6.0 points and fulfill the pedigree requirements of the Main Mare Book.

    These 21 mares have been entered into the PREMIUM MARE BOOK. All of these mares have been awarded with a premium plaque. 14 mares are Oldenburg NA or ISR registered. Blue marked sires are or had been approved by ISR/Oldenburg NA. Red marked mares are linked with a photo.

Premium Mares of 2022

  1. Aladda Callista*ox, 2019, by TSR Aladda Cognac out of Eladdinns Caliana by PL Eladdinns Jazz
    Owner: Gabrielle Irene Cottone, Union Bridge, MD
    Breeder: Gabrielle Cottone, MD
    C'est Si Bon MBF*OLDB, 2016, by Frohwind* out of C'est Noir by Cor Noir*
    Owner: Helmut & Margret Schrant, Burlington, IL
    Breeder: H & M Schrant, IL
    Carrera L*OLDB, 2009, by Cascall out of Coquette by Cockpit
    Owner: Saundra Hendrickson, Malvern, PA
    Breeder: not recorded
    Devons Capriole*ISR, 2018, by Devon Heir out of GNF Crescendo*/*/* by Renaissance
    Owner: Gabrielle Irene Cottone, Union Bridge, MD
    Breeder: Gabrielle Cottone, MD
    Eladdinns Symphannie*ox, 2011, by PL Eladdinns Jazz out of GNF Crescendo*/*/* by Renaissance
    Owner: Gabrielle Irene Cottone, Union Bridge, MD
    Breeder: Gabrielle Cottone, MD
    For Fun HTF*HAN, 2018, by For Romance I out of Qindle HTF*/-/- by Qredit*
    Owner: Hilltop Farm, Inc., Colora, MD
    Breeder: not recorded
    Gale Force*OLDB, 2019, by Toto's Weather Tamer out of Guersha by Polarpunkt
    Owner: Judy Schwartz, Spring Hill, TN
    Breeder: Deb Warner, TN
    Gaminka*WPN, 2011, by Chellthago Z out of Waminka by Numero Uno
    Owner: Rowan Oaks Farm, Madison, GA
    Breeder: not recorded
    Kena*OLDB, 2018, by Netto out of Klassique-/*/- by First Class*
    Owner: Gary & Jan Lawrence, Cedar Fort, UT
    Breeder: G. & J. Lawrence, UT
    LF Eau My*OLDB, 2014, by Escapade out of Run Lucy Run by Mister Deville
    Owner: Mary Jane Todd Day, Hutto, TX
    Breeder: Kimberly Morgan, TX
    Quinn 57*OLDB, 2014, by Quateron out of Ballerina by Brentano II
    Owner: Zambor, Gail/ Hansen, Nicholas, Reddick, FL
    Breeder: not recorded
    R-Finale*OLDB, 2014, by Rubignon out of Pointmade by Pointmaker
    Owner: Melanie Niemann, Crystal Lake, IL
    Breeder: Rosemary Prince, GA
    Rejoice SFH*HAN, 2016, by Rotspon out of Laural* by Londonderry
    Owner: Andrea Phillips, Wellesley, ON N0B 2T0,
    Breeder: not recorded
    Rosarianna P*OLDB, 2017, by Rosario out of Fiji by UB 40
    Owner: Inna Horuzhik, Shelbyville, KY
    Breeder: not recorded
    Schoeneslicht KC*OLDB, 2016, by Sternlicht GGF* out of Cascade-/-/* by Riverman*
    Owner: Irena G. Coz, Ramona, CA
    Breeder: Irena G. Coz, CA
    Spritz of Sprite*xx, 2018, by Revolutionary out of Fiery Beauty by Soto
    Owner: Elizabeth Frey, Union Bridge, MD
    Breeder: not recorded
    Symphony*ISR, 2011, by Sempatico M out of Suma by Insterruf
    Owner: Laura D. Jones, Lebanon, OH
    Breeder: Laura D. Jones, OH
    Tempest BWS*OLDB, 2018, by Toronto out of Greetings by Gonzo I
    Owner: Kathleen Dressel, Danielsville, GA
    Breeder: Kathleen Dressel, GA
    Venyatta*OLDB, 2011, by Versache* out of Dora*/-/- by Davignport*
    Owner: Kelsey Horton, Park City, UT
    Breeder: Laurie McLaughlin, WA
    WL Finlandia*OLDB, 2018, by Fairbanks out of WL Bon Bellini* by Bon Balou
    Owner: Ingvill Ramberg, Hugo, MN
    Breeder: Ingvill Ramberg, MN
    Zikita*WPN, 2004, by Stakkato out of Tikita by Wishorn
    Owner: Caitlin Ryan, Marshall, VA
    Breeder: not recorded

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