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Mares Foals / Yearlings


  1. (Scoring system on a basis of 1-10)
    • Head
    • Neck
    • Shoulder and saddle position
    • Frame and topline
    • Forelegs
    • Hindlegs
    • Breed, sex type (x2)
    • Walk in hand (x2)
    • Swing and elasticity of gaits (x2)
    • Correctness of gaits (x1)
    • Overall impression and development (x2)

    All single scores as well as the final points are being noted on the evaluation sheet, a copy will be handed out to the owner/breeder.

    Premium mares with a score of at least 105 points (with no individual score less than 6 points) will receive a premium mare plaque.

    When all inspections are over the Registry will determine the High Score Mares (see section AWARDS). High score mares will receive nice neck sashes.

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Foals / Yearlings

  1. Foals are being scored in following categories:
    • Conformation and correctness
    • Swing, elasticity and athletic ability of movement
    • Type and overall impression

    All three scores and the final points will be announced and noted on the evaluation sheet.

    Premium foals with a score of at least 8.0 points (for all three criteria) will receive a Premium Foal Award.

    The highest scoring premium foals of each site will be awarded as High Score Foals with a nice ribbon (see section AWARDS) Yearlings and older horses don't get scores.

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