The Oldenburg Registry North America and International Sporthorse Registry (ISR-Oldenburg NA) - was founded in 1983. North America needs an independent Sport Horse Breed Organization which works on the basis of 200 years of European experience and as successful as European registries. America needs its own source for the sport horses of the future!

The ISR - Oldenburg Registry N.A. is North America's largest independent Sport Horse Breeding Organization which complies to the highest international standards for modern sport horse breeding:

  • Open books for all approved sport horse blood lines from North America and Europe
  • Mandatory inspection of all stallions, mares and foals
  • Mandatory stallion performance tests according to European / German standards
These three standards helped to achieve our top quality of sport horses bred in North America!
The Registry conducts a sophisticated, competitive breeding program through the careful selection, testing and approval of stallions and mares and through the evaluation and registration of offspring.

The Registry's breeding goal to produce modern sport horses, competitive to the horses from Europe and most suitable for dressage or hunter and jumping sports has been achieved.

2023 Approved Stallions 09/27/23
Congratulations! These stallions have been approved in 2023.
More to follow.

Brandon RF, Royale Farm, Sarah Ludwig Azbill, KY
Cadouch Z, Hassinger Farm, Amy Hassinger, NC
Casanova Z, Northern Pines, Melissa A. Hirt, MI
Clovio Di Lachrifreso Z, Abigail Russo & Cindy Bohn, PA
Companero PJ, Meadow Lane Equine Clinic Ltd., BC
Contendro's Prinz, Coyote Creek Farm, Kimberly Keeton, DVM, GA
Crescendo KS, Valerie L. Cutrer, FL
Diamond Rex 2, Craig McCallum, TX
Game On HTF, Hilltop Farm, Inc., MD
Happy Al Z, Erin Serafini, NV
Kastel's Nintendo, Charlotte Jorst, NV
Lazarus RC, Rancho Corazon LLC, NM
Long On Value, George Kerr, MD
Make Mine A Double, The Gardenology Group, GA
Market Price, Sarah E. Templin, MI
Matador MM, Maggie's Menagerie, Maggie Sjoberg, GA
M-Emerald Isle RC, Rancho Corazon LLC, NM
Napoleon SW, Katherine Ginise, OH
Nardo For London Q, Alexandra Di Tomaso, GA
Que RH, Raehaven Farms, Inc., Janet Rae, NJ
Ramsey GS, Freedom of Movement, Rachel Hill, IL
Rodimus Prime, Highland Manor Farm, Michaela May, TN
Royal Graffiti, Tawna House, MD
RWC Atreyu, Claire Philpott, MI
Segreto 66, Tyler Equine, LLC, Betsy Tyler, FL
Surrey Hills Victor, Kim & Helle Andreasen, FL
Toy Boy RH, Raehaven Farms, Inc., Janet Rae, NJ
NEW High Score Foals now online! 09/20/23
Congratulations to the owners/breeders of the first 2023 High Score Foals!

Please check under AWARDS.
The High Score Foals already received a nice ribbon at the inspections.

More to follow!
NEW Premium Foals/Mares online! 09/20/23
You now find NEW 2023 Premium Foals/Mares online! Please check under AWARDS.

The foals received a Premium Foal plaque and the mares a Premium Mare plaque at the inspection.

More to follow!
2023 Tour Schedule -Changes and additions 09/01/23
Check here and under INSPECTIONS for later changes and updates.

You need to enroll with the host at least FOUR weeks prior to the inspection.

All ISR and Oldenburg NA foals can also get registered by mail. Contact the registry for forms.

Check here for CHANGES and ADDITIONS:
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Get ready for the inspections! 07/04/23
Make sure to enroll with the host at least FOUR weeks prior to the inspections!
More info under INSPECTIONS (left menue).

Have a look at a mare and foal inspection or a
mare inspection.
The 2023 Tour Schedule is online! 02/21/23
Check here and under INSPECTIONS for later changes and updates.

If there is no site close to you or you do not have the time to attend an inspection, you may also register your foal by mail.
Contact the registry for forms.
Congratulations to our Leading Sires! 02/10/23
USEF Leading Sires 2022 [ more ]
Congratulations to our breeders! 02/10/23
USEF Leading Breeders 2022 [ more ]
USDF Dressage Finals Winners 12/16/22
Congratulations to the winners of the High Point Oldenburg Awards at the USDF Dressage Finals!

AA FEI Level, Intermediate I Championship, 4th place, 65.049%
Owner: Barbara Kuyper, TN, Breeder: Anne Schmidt, MI

JR/YR National Level, Training Level Championship, 4th place, 71.494%
Owner : Jessica & Harper Kane, Cornelius, NC, Breeder : Betsy Cawley, GA

Open FEI Level, Prix St. Georges Championship, 69.902%
Owner: Jean Stern, FL, Breeder: Gina Benson Cook, FL

Open National Level, Third Level Championship, 7th place, 70.708%
Owner/Breeder: Teresa Tovrea, MO,

Open FEI Level, Prix St. Georges Championship, 69.902%
Owner/Breeder: Heather Mason, NJ

AA National Level, Forth Level Championship, 4th place, 67.222%
Owner/Breeder : Heather Mason, NJ

The winners received a nice saddle pad from the Registry.
Stallion Directory 2023 online! 11/28/22
We uploaded all 2023 approved stallions to the Detailed Stallion List with links to the Performance and USDF site and to the stallions' photos. Members find more infos (registered foals, test results, pedigrees etc.) about each stallion in the MEMBER section.

If you breed to one of these stallions there won't be any breeding permit fee. Foals being presented at the dam's side do not need to get DNA typed!
All papers have been mailed! 11/16/22
All registration papers of the 2022 inspections have been mailed.
Get back to the office asap, in case you did not receive your papers!
Only open cases (missing parentage proof or other paperwork) are still in the office.
High Score Mares of 2022 now online 10/12/22
Check under AWARDS where all High Score Mares of 2022 have been listed now.
Congratulations to the owners/breeders who will receive nice ribbons in the next days.
Check new horses on the Sales List! 06/28/22
See Sales List in the left menue.

High Score Filly by Glamourdale for sale!!
Do you have any eligibility questions? 03/11/22
If you don't know, if your mare is eligible for approval or your foal eligible for registration, feel free to call us at 815-899-7803 or send an email to isreg@aol.com
Registration without inspection through the mail 01/20/22
If you do not have the chance to come to an inspection or if you want to register an older horse, contact the office at isreg@aol.com for forms to register your horse by mail.

Registration by mail is also possible for OLDENBURG NA horses.
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New Mailing address! 09/23/19
Make sure to submit your forms and paperwork via mail to the new address:

ISR-Oldenburg Registry NA
P.O. Box 504
Sycamore, IL 60178

For UPS and FEDEX send to:
ISR-Oldenburg NA
c/o Lisa Lamb
17726 Plank Rd.
Sycamore, IL 60178