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Procedure Presentation Fees

  1. The selection of Breeding Stallions is undertaken through a series of steps based upon age and performance:

    1. Inspection
    2. Stallion Test

    The initial inspection (sometimes also called "Koering") of stallions consists of the following:

    • Presentation in hand
      (standing, walk and trot)
    • Free schooling
    • Free jumping
      (optional for stallions which already fulfil the Performance Test Requirements)
    • Presentation under saddle (with your own rider) in walk, trot and canter according to age and training level
      (mandatory for four year old and older stallions, optional for three year old stallions)

    A stallion qualifies for a Certified (or Lifetime) Breeding License (CBL) if it achieves 210 or more points.
    The CBL is valid for one year. To receive the Lifetime Breeding License the stallion must pass one of the Stallion Tests.